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Hey There

Welcome to my little corner of the internet. In short, I am another human wandering through life, working, learning, and growing as I move forward. Standing on Stones is born from those things; while I am learning from my mistakes, stones are being laid for those who follow. Just like I'm walking on the stone foundations my forefathers built.

Why am I standing on some rocks?

I hail from a great land of the north, in a region called Småland; a place  well known for its rocks. As the story goes when all the provinces of Sweden were gifting the King a token of their bounty Småland brought stones. So I now pick up some of the rocks that are scattered around in my life and use them to build. Much like when the sons of Abraham, after God had stopped the flood waters of the Jordan, as they crossed on dry ground to enter the promised land under the command of Joshua, they were told to take stones from the Jordan and place them as reminder of what had happened that day; I too intend to leave my stones as a marker of past events and a pointer to greater things to come. (See Joshua 4:1-18 for the whole story). My stones may not be the testimony of as great a miracle that happened that day but I hope and pray they might be the witness marks of important events of my life that might also be of interest, and maybe even entertaining, to you.


I've spent half my life in Europe, and the other in the US. My mom is Swedish, my Dad from the US; there is a great story of how they met and maybe I'll tell that some other time, but not now. I'm the youngest of three spawnlings; Spawn Prime: Jennifer, Spawn #2: Christopher, and Final Spawn: that's me. At least that is what we call each other in both love and jest. You'll get a chance to meet them too as we make, do , explore and learn.

This website first started as a way for me to update my international friends and extended family on all the little events that make up a life. But, like so many things, it quickly evolved; developing into a way for me to share my thoughts, discoveries, life lessons, and recipes. My love of cooking has grown over the years. It has become yet another creative outlet. Creativity runs deep in my family. Mom taught me the way of fabric, needle and thread. Dad has quite a history but now works with wood, glass and steel. Morfar (grandpa) was a blacksmith. Farbro Eric (great uncle) was a farmer.  Writing was a gift from my teachers to the point it seems that it has always been a part of my life. Photography was developed early in my working career. Hobbies, well those are legion; sailing, scuba, reading, homesteading, foraging ... not all have been successful, in fact a few have been down right disasters that may be brought to light in this forum. Yet, all have combined to allow me to share my experiences with you, my gentle reader.

On occasion I have guest authors, who compose a bit of prose for the site. Perhaps you might like to join the conversation? If you want to pen more that a simple emoji or comment drop me a line and we can collaborate.

Moreover, I'm a web designer/developer (with an economics and business degree, go figure), and a bit of a marketing geek. If you're looking to work with me on any of your projects, you can find out how on the "Services" tab.

I love hearing stories, and learning from them. Everyone has a unique story to tell, and lessons they've gained along the way to share with others. This is a place where I share mine, and I hope you enjoy the ride.


US: 850-533-4199
Int./Whatsapp: +46 (0) 76 3985687



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