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Best Burgers in Stockholm.

Burger lover? In the capital of Scandinavia? We've got you covered with guide to the most delicious burgers in Stockholm.

Stockholm has a plethora of food options, with diverse cuisines, and plenty of choices for various dietary preferences. Sometimes you just want a good old fashion burger (it’s my American half asking for it). Fear not! Here are some of the best burger joints in the city rounded in a short list up for your convenience.

“At Barrels everyone is welcome and should feel right at home. The goal is to serve Stockholm’s best burgers in the nicest burger atmosphere. We try as far as possible to always meet our guests’ needs and wishes!”

Starting with the best! I have gone to Barrels several time over the years, and always take visitors there. The atmosphere, food, staff, and drinks have always been good.

I will admit partiality to Barrels because they are great with food allergies! Every visit I let them know upfront what my allergies, and most of the time the staff informs me what I can have right away. They offer vegan options, as well as lactose, and gluten free. Also, they source the ingredients from Swedish farms, and all the bread is baked and delivered daily.

My favorite thing about the menu is they partner with other breweries, restaurants, and business to create a special burger/item each month; Dad usually goes for that one. My go to? The Streetburger, crispy lettuce, balanced with the perfectly seasoned meat and cheddar, it just melts in your mouth. As for the dessert, you have to try the Chocolate Crunch Burger at least once!

It is a great place to hang out if you’re a solo traveler, the bar has a good selection, but darn those burgers keep me coming back….

Award-winning burgers and Sweden's largest vegan selection are served here. We serve street food with inspiration from New York and quality from Norrland.

Okej, these guys know their brand, and are basically a chain at this point with 52 locations. Bastards goes beyond the food and creates an experience. They offer animal fries, shakes, onion rings, poppers, beers, and more! Think if a New York Style Burger joint met up with a 1950s diner in a tattoo parlor, and that is the general vibe of Bastards.

What I find useful is the ability to check allergies online. The only issues with that is the system doesn’t seem to know that there is a gluten free bread alternative, and just removes all the burgers. Otherwise it is a fantastic system. I have not tried all the burgers here (which I might have done at Barrels), but really enjoy the London and the Luleå.

Tip: If you’re ordering any of the animal style fires, just skip the burger you’ll never have room for both. If you need a bit more, the shake will solve that issue!

At Flippin' we like simple burgers made from scratch without fuss. For real. That's why we only work with small meat producers who care about animal husbandry and farm animals that are kept outdoors in summer and graze, since this is simply what's good for them. This makes the meat nice and tasty. We of course only use fresh, dry aged meat.

These guys have a great straightforward menu. It’s not too complex, but has enough sparkle to keep it interesting. They don’t put to many things on the food, and you get simple, but always good burgers, and sides here. All the food is sourced locally, from small Swedish farms, and they know their ingredients. I have never had a staff member second guess if there was soy, wheat, or anything else in the food, they knew it and were able to offer me alternatives easily.

The old school Burger, is easily the best burger on the menu! Also worth noting, the Cricket, is the only burger I’ve had with cream cheese that I’ve ever liked. Never tried the milkshakes, but my friends have, and love them. The sides are also on brand, simple, straightforward, no fluff, and delicious!

Bottom-line: If you have food allergies – these guys will take care of you!

(Photos from Flippin Burger's Website)

Lily’s burger offers a personal atmosphere in a playful 60s environment and with a friendly welcome. We are located on hornsberg's beach on kungsholmen, as well as at nytorget on södermalm.

This is 100% a 1960s diner inspired burger joint. I was working at this office in Södermalm, and every other month we’d try to head here for lunch. It required us to bolt out of the office exactly when lunch started (we worked at the only place in Stockholm with a set lunch), know what to order before we arrived inhale our food, and run back before lunch was up. It was always worth it.

The names of the burgers play off of the old Western “The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly” with my go to burger being the ugly. Frankly, the sides are average here, but you definitely go for the vibe, and the burgers. They do have gluten free bread, but aren’t really on top of allergies, so eat with caution. The milkshakes are classic, straightforward; delicious! Sadly I have yet to take my Dad or Brother here, they are milkshake experts and could give us all deeper insight.

“Our Gnarly restaurants have not only nice meaty burgers but also vegetarian burgers and fresh salads that breathes California. Also Fridhemsplan just started with pizza.”

A few years ago this place would have been a bit higher on the list, however every time I visit Gnarly feels like a chain burger joint. Think the Ruby style burger at Ruby Tuesday’s, or TGI Friday’s. My first visit was honestly the best, so maybe long term exposure this the flaw here? Still it is a solid “chain like” burger with the Route 66 and the Spicy BBQ Bacon being my go to. Not a fancy burger but a consistent one. Moreover, Gnarly’s side game is strong! The sweet potato fries are always a hit, and the nachos are the perfect balance of all the goodies. Most burger joints in Scandinavia have six dipping sauces to use with your fries (or whatever you might like) Gnarly’s goes beyond average and has several brilliant concoctions, with the Coriander Aoli being my personal favorite.

One of the major factors why I get the American chain restaurant feel here is because they make waaay more than just burgers. Some locations offer pizzas, and all offer salads, vegan options, and various other entrees like baby back ribs.

(photos by

Not worth a special trip

Phil’s burger: a place you’ll see everywhere, skip it. They grew too fast, and quality is way low for the price.

Vigarda: Kind of like Phil’s I recall liking them back when they first opened, but the food is all dry. Also, last time we ate here, I had an allergic reaction despite the staff assuring me there is no soy in anything. Sad though, they did taste better then Phil’s.

House of Burger’s: My brother noted this place as: “frozen food with some pepper and American processed cheese”. Yup, have to agree. Nice staff though!

But there is more

This is not an all-encompassing list by any means. I haven’t tried every burger place in Stockholm, and am sure to have missed a few places that you might happily recommend. Let’s collaborate! Add your thoughts below, I’m always up for trying a new place; especially if there are burgers on the menu.



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