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Jillian Jacqueline | Music Break.

Music break is a series focusing on various musicians, or songs that have been on my mind lately. On occasion a playlist is shared.

It is quite apparent that life is expected to be chaotic for anyone in their twenties nowadays. Heck, I’m not entirely sure it ever slows down for anyone, but the older we are the more we’re able to handle what comes our way. However, as a woman in my mid-twenties, I appreciate the way Jillian Jacqueline captures the spirit of what myself – and my friends – feel during this stage of life.

Jillian is a rising country music singer and has written some beautiful pieces of music. Her music leans a bit more in the country pop range with a good bit of folk. Starting her career quite young she has had time to develop her own style, and pay tribute to her favorite artists like Patsy Cline, Carole King, and James Taylor. Most of her songs are relatable not only to young women, but also young men. Her voice has a soothing element to it, and you can hear the smile on her face when she sings. Jacqueline has released several Eps, singles, and one Album (side A); all with stellar reviews.

One song in particular that she has on her Album is called God Bless this Mess, and it somehow manages to describe the chaos, sadness, joy, madness, and desire for relief that I believe many are feeling. The song explains the trials many people feel, or face, and she relates it back to her almost immediately with the third line saying “The part of you that's just like me.” The chorus of the song asks for God’s blessing on the “mess” and goes on to mention the whirlwind feeling that can so often affect young adults. Additionally it states that “But I'm trying my best” acknowledging that even during the messy parts of life most strive to do their best, and just need some help. One of the best lines in the song is:

Although, I favored my kitchen floor when I’m having a meltdown, because afterwards baking or cooking something calms me, this line always makes me smile. I don’t know of a person who hasn’t had a moment when everything simply seems so overwhelming, frenzied, and out of control they just break, and sink to the floor. Even though we see whatever is going on in our lives at the time and being the end of the world, guess what, the world still turns, the moon sets, and the sun rises. Eventually, we all pick ourselves off of the floor, get some perspective, help or guidance, and figure out how to move on. The song continues on acknowledging that even when asking for help from God, we forget to, and attempt to handle everything by ourselves.

Other songs on the album have killer stories from the reaction of a break up in “Hate Me” to the upbeat tones of honesty in “Reasons”. Her latest single, “Wait for the Light” is fantastic reminder of joy in the everyday, and was released at the most appropriate time (Hello 2020). Other singles include “If I were you” featuring Keith Urban , Keep this safe, Sad girls, and Prime. Her self-titled EP has the song “Finest Hours” which is a hilarious take on the broke young adult and an excellent reminder of perspective.

Her debut song is still a homerun for me. It even made a reappearance on my autumn 21 playlist (Listen here).

Overdue is an excellent description of how I feel at times. Working hard, desiring something more, and just feeling like it is well past time for things to change. The chorus has a rather apropos line:

I'm so overdue for a little bit too good to be true…. For a love that rewinds over us. That takes and makes a heart like mine brand new

Yeah. That hits home.

All in all, Jillian Jacqueline’s music is worth a listen, or several.



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