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Wisdom from someone who has lived a quarter of a century.

Thoughts from a 25 year old who clearly has the most life experience in the world.

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Today I've lived for a quarter of a century. Supposedly having a quarter life crisis is a normal thing nowadays, and considering the uncertainty of the times it is all the more reason to have one. However, that seems to be evading me today.

Life is a long line of lessons. Some made by watching, some by teaching, and most by messing up. If you choose to learn from them good. If not, then what are you doing?

Perhaps it would be apropos for me to pass on my vast wealth of wisdom I have garnered over these fruitful 25 years. Ha! *Please note the heavy sarcasm.* I don’t have a wealth of wisdom to pass on to anyone, including myself. In short I am older, more experienced, and smart enough to know how little I know. The only thing I can say is what I’ve learned. So here it goes:

Show up, listen, work hard, work well, and know your worth. Be humble, be kind, be honest, and for goodness sake cut yourself some slack. School is tough, but only a fraction of your life. It can suck, but find the good, and don't ever let anyone make you hate learning. If it takes to longer to complete things, accept that, and ensure you’re setting yourself up for success. Simply because other are quicker at solving tasks, projects, or what not, doesn't diminish your worth.

Take care of yourself, but know the difference between self-care and hiding. Oh and selfishness.

Laziness kills dreams more than failures, and mediocrity isn't something to strive for, even though the everyday can feel mediocre. Moving forward is terrifying because it's a hell of a lot easier to start where you're at.

Learn to budget, save, invest, and fiscal self-control. Yes, those shoes may be cute, but keeping a roof over your head is much more fashionable.

Saying “sorry” all the time invalidates the word, and its meaning. Do you really need to be sorry all the time?

You'll be call names, ignored, slandered, hated, looked down upon, and at times alone. You will be the villain in others stories, but guess what. You'll be the hero too. Or just a random background character. Learn to take a compliment. Know how to be alone (not lonely), and embrace it if you’re called “different”.

Relationships are harder, breakups are harder, and cut deeper than most wounds. You will heal, but there’ll be scars that need work. Make sure you don’t let those scars fester.

You are not capable of controlling everything, nor will your plans survive contact with reality. Be flexible where you can, and steadfast when you cannot.

Don’t beat yourself up over all the mistakes you have and will make. I’ve got news for you, you’re human. Acknowledge them. Learn from them. Move on from them - dwelling on it can kill you.

Perspective is important in all situations. Did a decision you make today kill someone? No, guess what. You’re having an okay day. Also, please take a breath before you react.

Lessons in life only work if you listen to them, and those almost never stick to your schedule. They’ll be painful at times, but man are they worth it. Pray in all things. Know how to trust, and how to forgive. Jealousy is never a good color, and everyone can teach you something, if you let them. Ultimately, we’re all students in life together.

Wasn’t anticipating writing all of that this morning, but I felt inspired once I started. These are just some things that come to mind when I think back to what I have learned. It’s my perspective, and I am sure others have their own.

If you do have any real wisdom, or lessons to share, please comment down below so we all can learn together.

Thank you.



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